Saturday, May 17, 2014

My USPS carrier

So far I am so impressed of USPS services, there is sometime that they made mistakes but it was not a big deal because at the ends I had my problem solved. (Just a minor problem like, dropped off my mail in the wrong box, only one time though)

If I compared USPS to UPS I trust USPS more than UPS. So many times UPS made mistakes, sent my package to my neighbor's front door, lost my package (I got it covered from AMAZON resent it)
I am living in fear with UPS but not USPS.
© 2014

Some little funny about my USPS carrier, he/she is super-fast! One day, my husband and I had been expecting a package from Japan, which needed my signature on it when receive. It was about 11 am and it is the normal time for my carrier always shows up. I was in a bad mood that day, had an argument with my husband, so I went into the shower and came back to dry my hair. Suddenly, the mailman showed up and rang a bell, but I didn't hear it because of my hair dryer noise, but my husband heard it and he said something...blah blah but I didn't pay attention because I was still pretty pout on him. So during the time my husband was wearing socks and going to open up the door for my mailman. He had already disappeared!! I was so angry at my husband, "Why don't you open up the door???” I said. "I was going to but he was very fast like 'Speedy Gonzalez'," I was like "What, you know I am expecting my package today and just open the door you can't make it!! Seriously????" After that I had like a half day bad mood. But the next day I went to pick up my package instead of waiting for another two days to get it redelivered.


There were another different times that my carrier super-fast and quiet like a NINJA. When I scheduled pick up I decided to put my parcel in front of the door because I don't want to miss a door again like the other day. I noticed, even I was home all the time, I didn't hear that he came to pick up my parcel that I dropped at the front door any bit noise. Then my package was just disappeared I know again when I received an email notification that my mail already been picked up.

Anyway, I love my Ninja carrier, they are reliable and trustworthy.
©2014 Rilakpamko

Here is my post office in Downtown San Diego, I love this place it looks historic and very creepy in the same time.

❤ Pamme ❤