Saturday, May 17, 2014

Established Friendship books

Hi Ladies,

I have received a lot of NN-HQ Fbs this week. I have a lot of work to do to get these awesome Fbs out to the big world.

It is gonna be awhile until I finished sending them all.

To those who are on my network, be waiting to receive these FBs.

Happy Swapping!



My USPS carrier

So far I am so impressed of USPS services, there is sometime that they made mistakes but it was not a big deal because at the ends I had my problem solved. (Just a minor problem like, dropped off my mail in the wrong box, only one time though)

If I compared USPS to UPS I trust USPS more than UPS. So many times UPS made mistakes, sent my package to my neighbor's front door, lost my package (I got it covered from AMAZON resent it)
I am living in fear with UPS but not USPS.
© 2014

Some little funny about my USPS carrier, he/she is super-fast! One day, my husband and I had been expecting a package from Japan, which needed my signature on it when receive. It was about 11 am and it is the normal time for my carrier always shows up. I was in a bad mood that day, had an argument with my husband, so I went into the shower and came back to dry my hair. Suddenly, the mailman showed up and rang a bell, but I didn't hear it because of my hair dryer noise, but my husband heard it and he said something...blah blah but I didn't pay attention because I was still pretty pout on him. So during the time my husband was wearing socks and going to open up the door for my mailman. He had already disappeared!! I was so angry at my husband, "Why don't you open up the door???” I said. "I was going to but he was very fast like 'Speedy Gonzalez'," I was like "What, you know I am expecting my package today and just open the door you can't make it!! Seriously????" After that I had like a half day bad mood. But the next day I went to pick up my package instead of waiting for another two days to get it redelivered.


There were another different times that my carrier super-fast and quiet like a NINJA. When I scheduled pick up I decided to put my parcel in front of the door because I don't want to miss a door again like the other day. I noticed, even I was home all the time, I didn't hear that he came to pick up my parcel that I dropped at the front door any bit noise. Then my package was just disappeared I know again when I received an email notification that my mail already been picked up.

Anyway, I love my Ninja carrier, they are reliable and trustworthy.
©2014 Rilakpamko

Here is my post office in Downtown San Diego, I love this place it looks historic and very creepy in the same time.

❤ Pamme ❤

Bambi's Disney Theme HQ Fbs

Made 4.26.14 by Rilakpamko
©2014 Rilakpamko BlogSpot 

Made 5.1.14 by Rilakpamko
 ©2014 Rilakpamko Blogspot 

I made these two adorable "Bambi" by Disney Fbs. To swap in Yahoo groups.
These Fbs are already established out.

One made for myself and the other one made for my partner.

I hope they are coming back home soon. Some Fbs take years to come back to homer :(

I can just make a wish!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nice and Neat Friendship Book Standard

What is a Nice and Neat Friendship Book?

This will help you guide what it is and how to make it look nice and neat.
We are crafters who want to make our work art look professional and neat so the person who take or receive our swap would feel happy and smile when they received the mail.
So our job to make our swappers happy! not make them have cloudy face when they saw your mail.
Anyway here is nice and neat standards.

1) Size - Normally we make 2 sizes of it, large size and small size.
A large size N&N Friendship book is 3 x 4 inches (width x height) while a small size of N&N Friendship book is 2.5 x 3 inches (width x height)

2) Front Cover - Decorate the best you can do, using embellishment such as, blinks, jewels, floral papers, glitters, peel off borders, etc. And then use book tape, magic cover, clear tape, to cover the front page to protect all of you decorate from falling apart.

3) Verso - this page will have information of the person who you "made for" and your name as "made by". Both information of made for person and made by person must include, name, address, email, info (what you/she swap). The heading must have the name of swap, via what source (swap bot, yahoo group, etc.)

4) Inside - add 2-6 blank pages for signers to put their label on it. To bind pages together must use, brads, eyelets, ribbons, no stapler allows, but if cannot avoid using stapler, you must hide their appearance by using sticker or deco tape to cover them.

5) Back cover - We not normally decorate back cover so just leave it there and make sure you cover it by clear tape or deco tape to hide the ends of brads or stapler.

6) The book must be in booklet form!!
* * rules above are for new N&N Friendship book * *
For establish N&N Friendship books please relate these rules into the establish ones to see if they are eligible to send out as N&N Friendship books or not.
If those est. Fbs are not in these criteria they may be requested by your swappers to resend again.
These photo of Fbs below are all N&N (Nice and Neat) Friendship books I have made for swap to several places.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Zero Kiryu, Vampire Knight

I am very into anime and manga. I love watching One Piece and Naruto. Vampire Knight is very new for me because I am not really into the vampire stuffs but who can refuse pretty face of "Zero Kiryu," No, I can't resist it.

Zero is a vampire as born, 18 years old, was born November, 14th. He has snowy hair and lavender eyes color. He has a Hunter's seal tattoo on his left neck. Here is more about Zero Kiryu

Zero Kiryu
This is my HQ Friendshipbook made by me today (May 10, 2014)

Friday, May 9, 2014

My HQ Friendshipbooks

I started crafting friendship book last year (August, 2013) but for High Quality Friendship book I have been crafting it for like few months ago.

Here is some HQ Fbs crafted by me.

Usawan Theme
Mamegoma Theme
Mamegoma Theme
Vampire Girls Theme
Sugarbunnies Sanrio Theme
Fairy Tale Theme
Anime Girl in Kimono Theme
Anime Girl in Blue Theme
Anime Couple in purple Theme
Sakura Pink Girl Theme
Sakura Pink Girl Theme
Anime Girl Theme
Ddung Girl Theme
Thank you for reading!